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Innovative Wooden Pendant Light
Factory Since 2012

Wooden pendant lamps, wooden table light and wooden wall lamps,
We help you creat product with unique design!



Take Control Of You Order Purchasing


Quick Delivery

Once the order have confirm, Bulk order will be delivery within 7-15 day,


Customized Design

We offer OEM/ODM service for the wood hanging light with your customized design.


No Moq Required

Most items are NO MOQ required, we offer you the most flexible option.


Sample Apply

Any Sample application is welcome for us and we offer customized service.


Stylish Products


Not Just A Factory of Wooden Light

lynxopto is a lighting factory focuses on for innovation products, such as safer lighting products that meet environmental requirements and better customized solutions. We help to providing most effective solutions which enables us to deliver high quality, reliable and stylish products with high performance and lower cost.

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Wood Pendant Light Chandelier

It is always good to hang lights around. Our stylish chandeliers are perfect for lighting your dining table, kitchen or entrance. When it comes to chandeliers, chandeliers and other ceiling lights, we offers you a wide range of options at affordable prices. Brown color design, supporting custimized fully!

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Rustic Penant light fixture

This DIY wooden lamp provides exquisite DIY artwork and elegant lighting. It is the perfect decoration for your house. The ideal gift for kids, family and friends. Brown color design, supporting custimized fully!

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This lamp is a modern interpretation of a chandelier. Light spreads up and down, and indirectly through the ceiling. This lamp is made by skilled Chinese craftsmen with compressed birch. Wood provides a soft light for atmosphere.

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