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How we work

As a wood light factory, using wood as its main raw material, nothing is more familiar to us than wood. We combine the vitality of materials with a love for craftsmanship with precise digital design. We adhere to the principles of clear, refined and sustainable style. Due to the natural reflection of the trees, the light appears warm. This means our lamps are particularly suitable for energy-saving lamps.


Raw Material Inspectation
Assembly with Skills
Appearance and Function Testing
Package and Transportation

Flexible Way to Start


We offer all wooden lighting products in assembled or unassembled kits and placed in sturdy cartons suitable for international shipping. You can choose lamps that have not yet been assembled, and in just a few minutes, you can assemble your own works. Or directly select the assembled lamps by us and use them directly. The assembled lighting fixture will be larger.

OEM & ODM Wood Light with Favorable Wholesale Pricing!